Eyebrow Rejuvenation Transplant

When we think of hair loss, we often focus on the hair on the top of our head, but hair loss of the eyebrows is quite common. Eyebrow loss can be due to a variety of causes, which will determine an appropriate treatment plan. While there are some cuases of eyebrow loss, which can be treated and the hairs will groe back, for many patients the hair loss is permanent. 

Is my eyebrow loss permanent?

Without a proper evaluation by a hair loss expert, it is impossible to say for sure if your eyebrow loss is permanent. However, there are a couple of common scenerios that the eyebrows will not typically grow back. The first if you have noticed gradual thinning over time as you aged. Like the hair on our head, our eybrows can thin with age and if left untreated that loss can be permanent. The second scenario is due to grooming habits. Unfortunately, plucking has been a popular grooming option for eyebrows and overtime you can actually overpluck follicle and damage it to the point where it will no longer produce hair.

Are there options to treat my eyebrow loss if it is permanent?

Thankfully if your eyebrow loss is permanent that does not mean your days of full and thick eyebrows are over. Our surgeon, Mark DiStefano, MD, has developed the Eyebrow Rejuvenation Transplant (ERT), which is the most natural eyebrow transplant available. Eyebrow hairs exit the skin at a different angle than hair on the top of your head and only highly skilled and experienced surgeons are able to transplant hairs to mimic this naturally and provide a rejuvenated eyebrow look. Utilizing specially developed tools, Dr. DiStefano is able to ensure the hairs are implanted in the brow in the same way as the native hairs, giving the patient the most natural and full looking eyebrows. 

I have never had thick eyebrows, would the Eyebrow Rejuvenation Transplant (ERT) still work for me?

Yes. The Eyebrow Rejuvenation Transplant (ERT) is not just for people with eyebrow loss. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with thick and full eyebrows and if you are looking to increase density or increase the thickness of your eyebrows, the Eyebrow Rejuvenation Transplant (ERT) could be a great option for you.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee patient satisfaction with all of our hair transplants. Approximately 92-95% of all the transplanted hair is expected to grow. If a patient, after completing an in person follow-up visit at 9 and 15 months, is unsatisfied with his or her hair transplant we pledge to replace any graft that did not grow at no charge to the patient.

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